Double Sights

Double Sights installation

“Double Sights” is an art installation about Woodrow Wilson’s complicated legacy designed by acclaimed artist Walter Hood. It is located on Scudder Plaza beside Robertson Hall, home of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

The installation is a vertical sculpture of two columnar elements, one leaning on the other, wrapped with surfaces of black and white stone. The exterior columns are etched with quotations by Wilson, representing all aspects of his beliefs and actions. At the sculpture’s center, the two vertical planes face each other; one is reflective stainless steel with quotations by Wilson’s contemporaneous critics and the other is a glass lenticular surface with images of the critics.

The piece is intended to contribute to an ongoing conversation, not only about Wilson, but also about how we as a community grapple with history and how we move forward on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Read about the history of the project here.